Labour Day Weekend Festivities

Well its hard to believe that the season is coming to an end here at the park.  Labour Day Weekend was a very busy time  its the official visit of the Shriners Divan.  They arrived on August 31st at the park and a meet and greet was held at the parks Recreation Centre.  Saturday September 1st, Wayne Hounsell a patron of our park done a bike ride from Gander to the Shriners Park to raise money for the Patient Transportation Fund, It was a huge success and many thanks to Wayne for doing the Ride For The Children. while we were waiting the arrival of Wayne from his bike ride there were games of Shuffleboard and Ring toss to which I could tell everyone was having such a great time from the cheers and laughter.  Once Wayne arrived  we served the hotdogs for lunch.

Saturday night there was a benefit concert at the Beaches Heritage that was planned over the past few months by Walt Pinsent and is wife Norma.  Walt is a shriner and For the past several years Walt and Norma dedicate alot of their time organizing and searching for performers to  play for the concert. They done A tremendous job and would like to thank them for their donation to the PTF.  the concert consisted of  performers that were local and those from out of town.  It was a very enjoyable evening

Sunday September 2nd, Gospel music was held at the Recreation Centre, there were many performers there as well and a fair number in attendance including members of the Divan.  After Gospel music the Divan departed the park but the festivities did not end.

Lunch time on Sunday a patron of the park had a BBQ and invited many people along.  i could here the laugther and singing form the office it was such a good feeling to see people enjoying themselves

Once that get together disbursed then they went to another site for a birthday party where there was also food and singing and even a visit from Santa.

The Park Board and staff would like to thank the patrons of the park for donations to the PTF and for their support throughout the summer, without you none of this would be possible.

lunch And some Music
Divan Singing At The Recreation Centre During Gospel Hour
Birthday Celebrations