A Visit With Shriners From British Columbia

On September 10th, 2018, A bus tour of Nobles and their ladies from British Columbia visited the park. Upon their arrival they were greeted by our Park Shriners as well as management.  After their arrival they were served a hot beverage with a sweet treat.  They were very impressed with the park as to the size and was amazed at our Recreation Centre.  Park Treasurer George Joseph Spoke to the group and gave them a brief history of the park and role it has played  in raising money for the Patient Transportation Fund.

When time for them to depart they were so happy that they decided to make the stop at our park.  We thank them for visiting and as they were leaving on the bus they were waving good-bye.

They  toured around the Eastport peninsula and as the pass by our park on their way back out of town the bus honked its horn many times.  This gesture was assurance that they really enjoyed their stop at our park.

Thanks to McCarthy’s tour bus for taking such great care of our Nobles and their ladies.