On September 30th, 2019 Shriners Park closed for the season.  It was a great summer lots of activities and many new friendships made.  Management and Park Board would like to thank everyone for the loyalty to the park.  Wishing everyone a safe and healthy months ahead.  Hope to see everyone back in May 2020.


On Saturday September 14th, the end of season BBq was held at the Recreation Centre.  There were 81 people in attendance, it was a great night for the last function for the 2019 season.  Everyone had a great time and was saying their good byes to their camping friends.  It was a great summer here at the park.  Looking forward to the camping season of 2020.


There  will be a end of season BBQ on Saturday September 14th @ 5pm at the Rec Centre.

For more information there are posters in the bulletin boards at the park.

Also you can drop by the office if you would like to get the information.

This will be the last function for the year. Most people will be heading home after the 15th so this will be the perfect time to get together for a last chat and wish each other good wishes for the long winter months ahead.



Labour Day Weekend 2019, was another great event. The Divan had the annual visit to the park.  On Friday night a meet and greet was held at the Rec Centre it was filled to capacity.  Potentate Sir Robert Barrett took the time to shake the hand of everyone in attendance. There were presentations given to the potentate from fundraisers that was held here at the park during the summer.

There was a special quest in attendance, that have experienced what shriners do when you so badly need them.   Malcolm Hollett had a skiing accident in Clarenvile and was told that he would never walk again.  His parents did not settle for that and reached out to the Shriners for help,  within a couple days he was put on a flight to Philadelphia  to the Shriners Hospital for Spinal Injuries.  Malcolm endured many days Therapy and other test but was able to get movement back in his legs and was able to stand on the stage at the Rec Centre to tell his story.  To hear him  speak brought tears to those in attendance. Thanks Malcolm for getting the word for what Shriners do for Children.

Our weekly Coffee morning was also held on Saturday to a packed Rec Centre.

Shuffleboard tournament was held through the day as well,  there were also many in attendance to take part.

At 2pm everyone gathered once again at the Rec Centre for Lunch.  Once again another Packed Rec Centre.

Soup, Chili, Desserts, tea, and coffee was served.  This was all prepared and served by the seasonal Patrons of the park.  A big Thank You to everyone who made this meal a huge success.

On Saturday night a Shriners Benefit Concert was held at the Beaches Heritage Centre.  There was many in attendance there as well, and we were all entertained by some great performers. Thanks to Shriner Noble Walter Pinsent and his Lady Norma Pinsent for organizing such a great concert. All monies raised from this event got to the Shriners Patient Transportation Fund.

On Sunday Our Gospel Morning was held,  the Divan also attended.  Once again a crowd gathered in support of our gospel singers from the park.

On Sunday night a extra gospel singing was held and that also brought a crowd.

To sum the weekend up it was great one and everyone had a wonderful time.  The Money raised at the park this year was simply amazing.  Thanks to everyone for their support for our children.  Your contribution will give some child the opportunity to travel to one of the Shriners Hospital.




On August 31st, 2019 a flag raising ceremony was held at Eastport Town Hall.  The Town Of Eastport as dedicated the month of September as Shriners Appreciation Month.  Thanks to All who attended this event to show support for all that the Shriners are about and that’s THE CHILDREN.


On Saturday Night August 24th after a day of celebrating Anniversaries There was a FUN GAMES NIGHT.

Once again there were many in attendance to share in many laughs and there was so much to laugh about.

thanks to all those who organized the Games Night, also thanks to those who participated.

We will be looking forward to another games night during the camping season of 2020



On August 24th, two couples were surprised by 50th Anniversary celebrations. Couples Leslie & Ruby Legge will be celebrating In September, Howard & Mercedes celebrating in December.

This was a very well kept secret throughout the summer.  The two men new the morning off the event so that they could keep the women away while things were being decorated and people arriving. When they came to a full house at the Rec Centre they couldn’t believe what was done for them.

Both couples are seasonal patrons here at our park, and they are wonderful people that help make this park a great place for summer camping.

Happy Golden Anniversary to both couples. wishing you much love and happiness in the years to come

Thanks to all who attended, it was an enjoyable afternoon.

Fundraiser Concert

On August 3rd, 2019 a fundraiser concert was held at the Recreation Centre, to raise money for the Shriners Children Patient Transportation Fund.  The event was sold out in only a few days and the people were really looking forward to attending.

The Amigos were the group performing for the audience.  The members of the group are Sterling Hobbs, Glen Snow and Leslie Legge, they are seasonal patrons of our park.  They entertained the crowd with country and gospel music.  Everyone was singing along, tapping their feet and clapping their hands just having a great time.

During the night the Amigos invited Rev John Davis on stage, who is also a seasonal patron at the park to play a few tunes.  Rev Davis played the accordion to the delight of the audience.  He also had everyone singing along and just enjoying the music to the fullest.

The Shriners Park Board and Park Management, would like to thank The Amigos for stepping up to raise money for the Shriners Kids.  The money raised will certainly help some child to be able to make a journey to one of the Shriners Hospitals.

Once again thanks to The Amigos for putting off such a great concert and thanks to all those who bought tickets.