Fundraiser Concert

On August 3rd, 2019 a fundraiser concert was held at the Recreation Centre, to raise money for the Shriners Children Patient Transportation Fund.  The event was sold out in only a few days and the people were really looking forward to attending.

The Amigos were the group performing for the audience.  The members of the group are Sterling Hobbs, Glen Snow and Leslie Legge, they are seasonal patrons of our park.  They entertained the crowd with country and gospel music.  Everyone was singing along, tapping their feet and clapping their hands just having a great time.

During the night the Amigos invited Rev John Davis on stage, who is also a seasonal patron at the park to play a few tunes.  Rev Davis played the accordion to the delight of the audience.  He also had everyone singing along and just enjoying the music to the fullest.

The Shriners Park Board and Park Management, would like to thank The Amigos for stepping up to raise money for the Shriners Kids.  The money raised will certainly help some child to be able to make a journey to one of the Shriners Hospitals.

Once again thanks to The Amigos for putting off such a great concert and thanks to all those who bought tickets.


On July 26th and 27th our park held Christmas in July Celebrations.  For two days it was so much activity on the go preparing for this event.  It started about a week before when a committee was formed and the volunteers starting planning the events.

On Friday the 26th, there were people decorating trees and decorating the recreation centre for the upcoming Arrival of Santa.

There was coffee with Santa, Parade, Mummers, Elves, Reindeer’s and of course the jolly man himself Santa.

There were a few kids visiting our park and they were so excited to see Santa, they were jumping up and down and waving as Santa passed by.  Santa stopped and had pictures taking with kids and gave them candy.

After the parade we met at the Recreation centre for lunch where there were Hamburgers. hotdogs and refreshments served.

In the afternoon there was a Christmas sing along and kids had their letter to Santa read and was given a gift and a loot bag.  The smiles on those kids faces was worth the planning of this event.

There was a Adult Christmas dance in the night and there was a crowd there as well, Santa gave each adult a Christmas gift.  There was Christmas music playing and people dancing and laughing just having a great time.

It was a great weekend.  Everyone from the kids to Adults had a wonderful time.

Shriners Park Board and Management would like to Thank      the Committee for organizing this event, it was a huge success.  Looking forward to Christmas in July 2020.



Christmas In July

Shriners Park is having Christmas in July Friday July 26th and Saturday July 27th.  There many events planned for this event.  going to be a couple days of great fun.   There will be Santa and Mrs. Claus, Christmas elf, Mummers, a Parade, pictures with Santa, Christmas Dance, Hotdogs and Burgers served for lunch.   Going to be a great time for sure,so get into the Christmas spirit in July and come join us for some fun.

Shriners Park Fun Night

On July 17th, 2019 Shriners Fun Game Night was held at our Recreation Centre.  There were many people in attendance, it was a great night of fun and laughter.

No one knew before the night arrived what to expect only those that planned the fun games night.

the games consisted of dance with me one more time, marshmallow game, feed the baby, cheesie head, Mr. and Mrs. fashion even a fake marriage.

Thanks to all who came out to support our first fun games night here in the park.

Our summer camping season is short, so its nights like this that brings everyone together. IMG_0047




Our park held Canada Day celebrations on June 28th, 29th, 30th and July 1st.   We had games of shuffleboard, ring toss and darts.   There was a great crowd that participated in all of those games and had a wonderful time.

On June 29th there was a potluck supper held at the Rec Centre where there was seventy-two people in attendance..  We also had some American friends visiting our park, they were very excited they were able to attend our potluck supper. They tried many of our Newfoundland dishes and loved them all  and was amazed to see so much food. It was a great evening for all.

On Sunday Morning June 30th, the parks regular scheduled gospel music morning was held.

On Monday July 1st, we had our Canada Day celebrations.   People came out dressed for Canada Day and we all paraded around the park.  The weather was quite cool but that didn’t dampen the spirits of those in attendance to show their pride for our country.

We then returned to the Rec  Centre for some Cake and Refreshments.   It was another great weekend at our park.  Thanks to everyone who helped in any way to make Canada Day weekend such a success.

Park hosting party for Nobel Everett Green and Lady Cindy

On June 8th we had a farewell party for Everett & Cindy Green.   They have been long time seasonal campers at the park.  Everett was also a park board member.

they decided after almost fifty years of camping, over thirty of those years were at Shriners Park it was time to sell their RV.

it didn’t take long for the trailer to sell and their plans to leave came sooner than they had anticipated.

Of course we could never let them leave without a proper send off.  We planned a function at our Rec Centre were the seasonal patrons of the park came out to wish them both well.

We served hot dogs and refreshments and Ev’s Birthday was the next day so we presented it with a birthday cake as well. It was a great day to show how much we appreciated them both.

It was sad to see them go and they will both be surely missed, but will always be included in any functions we have at the park.

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A meet and Greet was held at our Recreation Centre on Friday May 17th.

It was a time to meet up with friends that they haven’t seen since the closing of the park September 30th, 2018.

There was lots of hand shaking, hugs and laughter and a few treats was brought by our patrons to share.

It was a great start to our season.  Hopefully the weather will soon improve so they can get outside and take part in summer activities here at the park.