On July 26th and 27th our park held Christmas in July Celebrations.  For two days it was so much activity on the go preparing for this event.  It started about a week before when a committee was formed and the volunteers starting planning the events.

On Friday the 26th, there were people decorating trees and decorating the recreation centre for the upcoming Arrival of Santa.

There was coffee with Santa, Parade, Mummers, Elves, Reindeer’s and of course the jolly man himself Santa.

There were a few kids visiting our park and they were so excited to see Santa, they were jumping up and down and waving as Santa passed by.  Santa stopped and had pictures taking with kids and gave them candy.

After the parade we met at the Recreation centre for lunch where there were Hamburgers. hotdogs and refreshments served.

In the afternoon there was a Christmas sing along and kids had their letter to Santa read and was given a gift and a loot bag.  The smiles on those kids faces was worth the planning of this event.

There was a Adult Christmas dance in the night and there was a crowd there as well, Santa gave each adult a Christmas gift.  There was Christmas music playing and people dancing and laughing just having a great time.

It was a great weekend.  Everyone from the kids to Adults had a wonderful time.

Shriners Park Board and Management would like to Thank      the Committee for organizing this event, it was a huge success.  Looking forward to Christmas in July 2020.